Как ломается клапан додж джорни 3.6 пентастар

Appearances[edit | edit source]

By type 


  • Elta Besk (First mentioned)
  • Metron Besk (First mentioned)
  • Ib Dekeet (First mentioned)
  • Ardus Kaine (First mentioned)
  • Mac (First mentioned)
  • Wyrn Otro (First mentioned)
  • Palpatine
  • Gregor Raquoran (First mentioned)
  • Roark Slader (First mentioned)
  • Tara (First mentioned)
  • Wilhuff Tarkin
  • Begas Tok


Droid models

  • Droid
    • Probe droid
    • Surveillance droid
    • Third-degree droid


  • Battle of Endor
  • Pentastar Talks


  • Bextar system


  • Capza
  • Criton’s Point

    Library of Xer

  • Endor
  • Entralla
  • Galactic City (As «Imperial City»)
  • Jaemus system
    • Jaemus

      Jaemus shipyards

  • Outer Rim Territories
  • Sluis Van

    Sluis Van Shipyards

  • Velcar Free Commerce Zone
  • Velcar sector

Organizations and titles

  • Admiral
  • Alliance to Restore the Republic
  • Amber Sun Mining Corporate (Also as «Amber Sun Industries»)
  • Bounty hunter
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Commerce Master Commissioner
  • Corellian Engineering Corporation
  • Courier
  • Dynamic Automata
  • Entrallan Militia
  • Free-trader
  • Galactic Empire
    • Commission for the Preservation of the New Order
      • Select Committee
        • Coalition for Progress


        • CompForce
        • Imperial Security Bureau


    • Coruscant Guard (As «Imperial Guard Corps»)
    • Galactic Emperor
    • Imperial Army
    • Imperial Intelligence
      • Sector Plexus
      • Bureau of Operations
      • Internal Security Branch
      • Ubiqtorate
    • Imperial Navy

      Scourge Squadron

    • New Order
    • Stormtrooper
  • Galaxy 9 News (As «Galaxy 9»)
  • Galentro Heavy Works


  • Governor
  • Grand Moff
  • Guild of Interstellar Merchants
  • Gunner
  • Historian
  • Kuat Drive Yards
  • Mercenary
  • Merchant
  • Navigator
  • New Republic

    New Republic Provisional Council (As «New Republic Council»)

  • Overseer
  • Pentastar Alignment (Also as «Pentastar Alignment of Powers»)
    • Enforcement
      • Pentastar Patrol

        Pentastar Patrol Academy

    • Order
      • Chamber of Order
        • Insurrection
        • Judgment

          Great InQuestor of Judgment

        • Politorate

          Politorate officer

        • Protectorate


  • Pilot
  • Pirate
  • Scout
  • Sienar Fleet Systems
  • Slaver
  • Spacer

Sentient species

  • Entymal (First mentioned)
  • Human
  • Mon Calamari

Vehicles and vessels

  • Starship
    • Container ship
      • Vee-Kir 4 Bulk Transport

        Slader’s Raider I

    • Corvette
      • Corellian Buccaneer

        Solar Dynamica

    • Cruiser

      Enforcer-class picket cruiser

    • DP20 frigate (As «Corellian gunship»)

      Slader’s Raider II

    • Death Star
      • Death Star II
      • DS-1 Orbital Battle Station
    • Dungeon ship
    • Escape pod
    • Freighter
    • Immobilizer 418 cruiser (As «Interdictor cruiser»)
    • Scoop ship
    • Star Destroyer
      • Executor-class Star Dreadnought (As «Super Star Destroyer»)


      • Imperial-class Star Destroyer
    • Starcutter
  • Taxi speeder (As «speeder taxi»)

Weapons and technology

  • Blast vest
  • Blaster
  • Blaster pistol
  • Comlink
  • Datapad
  • Deflector shield
  • Docking clamp (As «docking claw»)
  • Gravity well projector
  • Heavy blaster pistol
  • Hold-out blaster
  • Hyperdrive

    Backup hyperdrive

  • Identichip (As «identity card»)
  • Ion cannon
  • Logic circuit (As «logic enhancement circuit»)
  • Magbinders (As «mag-lock binders»)
  • Navigation computer
  • Quad laser cannon
  • Satellite
  • Scandoc
  • Sensor
  • Stun baton
  • Tractor beam
  • Tractor beam projector
  • Turbolaser
  • Utility belt


  • Authorized Shipper List
  • Flagship
  • Galactic Credit Standard
  • Hyperlane
  • Hyperspace
  • Imperial standard meter
  • Ipellrilla firewater
  • Metric ton
  • Ore
    • Mantium
    • Plexite
  • Pentastar Alignment Treaty
  • Slavery
  • The Force

In other languages

Astrography[edit | edit source]

The Alignment was made of fourteen sectors and held the allegiance of hundreds of planets. Many of the planets were part of the former Confederacy of Independent Systems, including the «Velcar Free Commerce Zone» (containing Capza, Entralla, and Bextar) and the worlds Jaemus,Cantras Gola,Gabredor III,Bescane, and Criton’s Point.

Map of the Pentastar Alignment including the future Imperial Remnant.

Sectorsedit | edit source

  • Albarrio sector
  • Atrivis sector
  • Braxant sector
  • Carrion sector
  • Cassander sector
  • Clacis sector
  • Dynali sector
  • Obtrexta sector
  • Myto sector
  • Perinn sector
  • Prefsbelt sector
  • Raioballo sector
  • Relgim sector
  • Velcar sector

Other supporters of the Alignment included Dynamic Automata,PowerOn Conglomerate, and Galentro Heavy Works.

History[edit | edit source]

After the death of Emperor Palpatine during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, the Galactic Empire fragmented into many pieces. Instead of trying to keep control of the complete Outer Rim, Grand Moff Ardus Kaine, who had earlier replaced Grand Moff Tarkin at the head of the Oversector Outer, concentrated his forces in fourteen sectors of the New Territories.

Grand Moff Ardus Kaine.

Kaine used his personal Executor-class Star Dreadnought, the Reaper, for some none-too-subtle intimidation as a venue to hold talks with representatives of multiple star systems and five major Imperial corporations. The talks were successful, and the Pentastar Alignment was founded in 4 ABY.

The Alignment largely maintained an isolationist position, and sought to be on peaceful terms with all parties. This lead to the New Republic reciprocating and largely ignoring the Alignment; although pirates and mercenaries such as the Red Moons continued to harry the Alignment.

In 8 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn returned from the Unknown Regions in a last-ditch attempt to reunite and consolidate the faltering Empire. The Alignment contributed some forces to Thrawn’s efforts but did not formally join him, preferring to continue its militarization in anticipation of conflict with the New Republic.

One year later, the resurrected Emperor Palpatine began to reunite various Imperial splinter factions as part of Operation Shadow Hand, an effort to topple the New Republic. The Emperor was more successful than Thrawn in recruiting Kaine, and the Pentastar Alignment forces eventually attacked the New Republic. Joining Thrawn’s remnant forces, Ardus Kaine made a successful campaign against the New Republic forces, winning a dozen victories until penetrating the Core Worlds. However, the conflict was a failure, with Kaine killed and Palpatine defeated for the last time.

The Reaper leading the Pentastar forces.

The Pentastar Alignment was annexed by Admiral Gilad Pellaeon in 12 ABY, becoming part of the Imperial Remnant. The Reaper became Pellaeon’s flagship until its destruction at the Battle of Celanon in 13 ABY. Before 19 ABY, Kaine’s homeworld Sartinaynian—renamed Bastion—became the Imperial Remnant’s capital, remaining thus for over a century.


Двигатели Pentastar производятся в трех различных заводах: Dundee моторного завод , Трентон заводе двигателей и Солтильо Южного завода по производству двигателей .

Первоначально инсайдеры сообщили, что двигатель будет иметь четыре основных размера (3,0 л, 3,3 л, 3,6 л и 4,0 л), каждый из которых будет предлагаться в различных состояниях . 4.0L был исключен из списка и добавлен 3.2L, в то время как на сайте инвесторов Fiat с декабря 2011 года указывается 3.0L с технологией Fiat MultiAir . Сам 3,6-литровый двигатель имеет разную мощность в разных транспортных средствах, а также более высокую мощность (305 л.с.) и крутящий момент (268 фунт-фут), как в Dodge Challenger.

Варианты с одним и двумя турбинами были запланированы на 2015 год. Эти двигатели должны были производить около 420 и 370 л.с. (313 и 276 кВт; 426 и 375 л.с.) соответственно. Также планировался прямой впрыск.

Благодаря новой структуре собственности Fiat получил право использовать эти двигатели и в настоящее время применяет их в более крупных моделях марок Lancia и Fiat .

Heroes Edit

Grand Moff Ardus Kaine —  Space: Executor-class Star Dreadnought, Reaper

Ardus Kaine is the leader and founder of the Pentastar Alignment. Unlike most heroes for the other factions, Kaine is not available from the start in most GCs. Instead, Kaine will join your forces after week 20, the conclusion of the Pentastar Talks.

Grand Admiral Octavian Grant — Space: Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Oriflamme

Commerce Master Commissioner Gregor Raquoran — Galactic only

Raquoran rose to the position of master commissioner through years of proving himself to be a capable businessman, as well as demonstrating a significant level of political acumen within the Velcar Free Commerce Zone. After Endor, he believed the Velcar zone to be relatively safe, but after Kaine called for the Pentastar Talks in 7 ABY, he recognized the prudence of Velcar joining the Alignment. In-game, he provides significant cost reduction bonuses.

Zenithal InQuestor Jerec — Ground

Jerec was initially a Jedi Master who then became a feared Inquisitor within the New Order. After the Empire’s collapse, he styled himself Warlord; however, he ultimately decided to align himself with Grand Moff Kaine’s Pentastar Alignment, taking up the mantle of Great InQuestor of Judgment, the Alignment’s version of Inquistitors. While he was still ostensibly serving the Alignment, Cronal, who was with the recovering Palpatine on Byss, reached out to secure Jerec’s cooperation in the search for the Valley of the Jedi.The Pentastar Alignment Provided Him with Troopers,A Fleet of Star Destroyer and A Vengeance-class Star Dreadnought Vengeance to help him fiding the jedi valley.
Captain Sysco — Space: 

Rather than keep Jerec as a free jedi hero with his own SSD from the start, Vengeance and Jerec have been separated, with the former being given as its own hero to Captain Sysco, the officer who commanded the ship under Jerec. Sysco and Vengance will not be spawned at the start of GCs; instead, he will need to be recruited into your fleet. This allows us to play some more with other areas of strength within the Alignment, since with two free SSDs, they could often be overbearing.

Governor Ib Dekeet — Galactic, Space: Praetor Mark II-class Star Battlecruiser, Intractable

Dekeet was an Imperial governor stationed in the outer rim. He was present at the Pentastar Talks, and ultimately signed on despite initial hesitance.

 — Galactic, Space: Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Dynamic

Elta Besk came from a rich family and inherited the company Dynamic Automata from her father Metron. As head of DA, she was invited by Kaine to the Pentastar Talks along with the four other dignitaries and captains of industry. She agreed to join out of concern for possible slave revolts in her workforce if the New Republic were to get a foothold.

 — Space: Enforcer-class Picket Cruiser, Enforcer

Otro was invited to the Pentastar Talks as a representative for Galentro Heavy Works, which would join and produce the iconic Enforcer-class picket ship for the Alignment, along with various other types of arms. Jaemus Shipyards was a subsidiary of the company.

 — Ground

Sariss was the daughter of Cronal, and served undercover as the «Prophetess» on Tatooine before the Battle of Endor, serving as a spy for the Secret Order of the Empire. After fleeing Tatooine, she became an apprentice of Jerec. She was also killed by Kyle Katarn in the search for the Valley of the Jedi.

Krassis Trelix is a slaver in the employ of the Karazak Slavers Corporation as a highly respected pilot. The KSC, although not strictly members of the Pentastar Alignment, would often be contracted by them when it was deemed necessary, as in one case when some of its members were tasked with the capture of the children of Cantras Gola’s ambassador after they had discovered the planet’s desire to secede and join the New Republic.

 — Ground (Can be recruited from Gabredor III)

Rei’kas is a Rodian slaver working for the KSC as a strike team leader, a position he achieved due to extremely violent tenancies and determination.

In-game Strategy Edit

On land, the PA is a force to be reckoned with. The Hailfire Droid is easily the best artillery in the game due to its strong armor and ability to fire without having to deploy. Saber Tanks are faster than 2-Ms and are perfect for hit-and-run tactics. LAATs are excellent troop transports and are quite heavily armored and armed. The centerpiece of the army is the Floating Fortress. Not only is it a troop transport with weaponry and armor rivaling the AT-AT, but it also has the Sensor Ping ability. This allows you to easily spot out Power Generators to destroy or Turbolaser towers before you accidentally get in range of them. This makes them an essential piece of any PA army.The Pentastar Enforcer Infantry is the weakest Infantry in the game so use them for scout or capturing CP but do not use them againt the enemy Infantry or vehicles.


After the Empire’s defeat at the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, the Galactic Empire quickly began to fragment, with many high-ranking Imperials seeking to carve out their own kingdoms. Grand Moff Ardus Kaine, governor of Oversector Outer, moved quickly to consolidate his forces around the 14 sectors of the New Territories. After holding talks aboard his flagship, the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Reaper, the representatives from these sectors and from five major Imperial corporations formed the Pentastar Alignment.

The Alignment stayed largely isolationist, attempting to maintain peace with all the major galactic powers. Because of this, the New Republic largely ignored them. However, Kaine knew this would not last, and continued focusing efforts on increased militarization for the inevitable conflict. Upon the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Alignment supplied him with some forces but did not ally with him. Kaine was prepared to put his full support behind Thrawn by assisting during the Battle of Bilbringi, but upon hearing of Thrawn’s death he instead returned to his own territories.

Upon Emperor Palpatine’s return, the Alignment was forced into the galactic stage, aiding the Empire in a series of smashing victories as it pushed toward the core. In a twist of fate, though, the advance would be halted when Palpatine was killed once and for all and the alliance between the Warlord factions disintegrated. Kaine himself would be killed in the ensuing chaos, a severe blow to the Pentastar Alignment.

However, Kaine had the foresight to create a kingdom that would survive after his death, and survive it did. The Alignment remained in existence until 12 ABY, when Admiral Gilad Pellaeon annexed it into the newly christened Imperial Remnant.

Клапан Додж Джорни 3.6

Сегодня мы расскажем как сломать клапан Додж Джорни 3.6. Есть два варианта: работать в головкой блока цилиндров без специального инструмента или долго игнорировать стучащие рокера. Герой обзора заглох и не завёлся, горестно крутил стартером, но не схватывал. Владелец не стал испытывать судьбу, привёз машину на эвакуаторе и тем самым уберёг её от возможных последствий.


  • Автомобиль: Dodge Journey
  • Год выпуска: 2012
  • Двигатель: ERB (3.6 л., 3604 куб. см., 283 л.с.)
  • Особенности ДВС: V6, распределённый впрыск
  • Коробка передач: 62TE (автомат, 6 ступеней, AWD)
  • Пробег: 125 442 километра

Заталкиваем автомобиль, подкидываем сканер – никаких признаков неисправности, просто не заводится. Снимаем коллектор, выкручиваем свечки, начинаем измерять компрессию – с правой головой что-то не то. Снимаем клапанную крышку и видим обломанный клапан Додж Джорни в верхней части штока.

Снимаем переднюю крышку двигателя

С одной стороны дикое везение, что он не упал внутрь цилиндра и не размолотил всё вокруг, с другой – сломана втулка под маслосъёмный колпачок.

Виновник торжества – правая ГБЦ Додж Джорни

Как бы там ни было, нужно снимать голову и везти её на дефектовку. Удаляем всё навесное оборудование, отстёгиваем переднюю крышку двигателя, распускаем цепи и снимаем ГБЦ.

Снимаем правую головку блока цилиндров Додж Джорни 3.6

Теперь можно нормально подобраться и показать здоровый клапан.

Клапан здорового двигателя

А вот так выглядит поломанный страдалец.

Сломанный клапан Додж Джорни 3.6

Обратите внимание на нижнюю часть маслосъёмного колпачка, она овальная. Внимательный зритель найдёт виновника

Внимательный зритель найдёт виновника

Пока отмывают ГБЦ перед отправкой на ремонт, занимаемся тем, что есть под рукой. Нужно как минимум очистить поверхность двигателя под прокладку и по возможности счистить грязь с поверхности поршней.

Пробег небольшой, а в цилиндрах накопился нагар

Замачиваем, протираем, повторяем. Соскабливаем, шлифуем, обезжириваем. В первом приближении стало намного лучше. Повторяем до победного.

Отмачиваем, отмываем и очищаем

Тем временем приезжает возвращается из ремонта головка блока цилиндров. При проверке плоскости сняли всего 0,06 мм. Чисто символическая величина, мотор не перегревался, «голова» ровная.

Голову слегка отшлифовали

Отличить новый клапан Додж Джорни от старых бойцов можно только пот отсутствию нагара на поверхности, да и то под определённым углом и освещением.

Идеальные зазоры, всё как с завода

Перед установкой головки очищаем привалочные поверхности. Сначала под выпускной коллектор.

Место стыка выпускного коллектора с ГБЦ Додж Джорни 3.6

Затем под впускной

Обратите внимание на следы коррозии. Такое происходит от редкой замены нижних прокладок, на которых скапливаются масло и грязь

На впуксных трактах видны следы коррозии и натёртости

Сборка производится в обратной последовательности. Статью остаётся лишь дополнить фотографией канала от масляного насоса, которой так не хватало соответствующей статье.

Масляный канал для питания распредвалов

Заливаем технические жидкости, крутим стартером – заводится с традиционного «полпинка». Редкая поломка для столь молодой машины.

Для каких машин подходит?

  • Dodge Ram
  • Dodge Avenger
  • Dodge Journey
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Fiat Freemont
  • Chrysler 200
  • Chrysler 300
  • Dodge Durango
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Chrysler Town&Country

Unit ListEdit

Orbital Structures: Golan Defense Platforms

Space Unit Roster:

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Interdictor-class Star Destroyer, Secutor-class Star Destroyer, Praetor Mark II-class Battlecruiser

Victory I-class Star Destroyer, Procursator-class Star Destroyer, Venator-class Star Destroyer, Munificent-class Star Frigate

Arquitens-class Light Cruiser, Enforcer-class Picket Cruiser, Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser, Acclamator II-class Assault Ship, Immobilizer-418 Cruiser, Raider-class Corvette

Unique Fighters: V-19 Torrent Starfighter, GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat

Ground Unit Roster:

LAAT/i, TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank, Century Tank (TIE Crawler)

AT-PT, Infantry Support Platform (Swamp Speeder), IG-227 Hailfire-class Droid Tank, Bantha-II Cargo Skiff

Stormtroopers, Imperial Shock Trooper, Pentastar Enforcer, Scout Troopers,

Oil system and engine lubrication

The advanced oil filter system eliminates oil spills, thanks to an incinerable filter element instead of the typical spin-on filters; the filter is conveniently located on top of the engine.

A chain-driven, vane-type variable displacement oil pump adjusts the flow rate and pressure as commanded by the engine management system, which uses a solenoid to drive the pump into low or high pressure mode. For example, below 3,500 rpm, the pump conserves energy by using low pressure; at speeds over 3,500 rpm, the pump switches to high pressure.

A force balance mechanism inside the oil pump adjusts the size of the pumping chambers to alter oil flow. If the oil is cold, the pump reduces the size of the internal chambers. When the oil is hot and thinner, more oil is needed, and a spring increases the size of the pump chambers. This also saves energy.

The pump is driven at a 1:1 drive ratio; its location under the block is more efficient than an on-crankshaft location. An internal, mechanical ball-and-spring relief valve dumps oil into the sump when needed, for conditions such as a cold start with high engine speed. Both pump and pressure regulation solenoid are non-serviceable.

The engine takes six quarts of oil with a filter change. Traditional, non-synthetic motor oil with an ILSAC standard of GF5 is recommended. The standard change interval, with this oil, is 8,000 miles under normal driving conditions.

The oil pick-up tube is supported at the windage tray. Three oil gallery plugs are in the engine block; oil pressure an be monitored with a scan tool. Oil pressure and temperature sensors are on the oil filter housing assembly, which is mounted on top, between the heads; the oil cooler (a plate-style coolant to oil heat exchanger) is mounted to the oil filter housing as well. With Wrangler, specific upper and lower oil pan requirements have been engineered into the engine to provide increased grade requirements, keeping the oil within reach of the pump when the vehicle operates at steep angles (Wrangler also has a higher-mounted alternator to allow for water crossing, and a unique intake system with induction handled by a revised throttle body on the left side, where other Pentastars keep the intake on the right).

Compact V6 engine design

The 60-degree 3.6-liter Pentastar engine is compact and lightweight, with a total length of 503 mm (94mm shorter than the 3.7 and 34 mm shorter than the 3.5). This relieves packaging constraints, allowing more power or smaller engine bays.

Bore and stroke measure 96mm by 83mm. The block is a high-pressure, die cast aluminum unit with cast iron bore liners and aluminum cylinder heads; cast aluminum pistons with low friction rings are fitted to forged steel connecting rods. Pistons have a reduced skirt area to cut weight and friction. Compression ratio for the engine is 10.2:1 for all applications (as of October 2010). Piston cooling jets are fitted to each cylinder, spraying oil onto the piston to prevent detonation, control heat, and allow MDS in the future.

The nodular iron crankshaft is common to all Pentastar engines (as of 2010); it has an 83% increase in fatigue strength due to the rolled fillet process. The crankshaft has four bolts on the main bearing supports; two more are cross-fitted in the main bearing caps providing an extremely rigid bottom end. A structural windage tray reduces oil splash on the crankshaft and cuts power losses from the reciprocating assembly, while increasing structural stiffness and lowering engine noise.

Первое поколение


Код Смещение Отверстие Инсульт Лет Мощность SAE Крутящий момент SAE
3,0 л; 182,9 у.е. в (2997 куб. См) 91 мм (3,58 дюйма) 76 мм (2,99 дюйма) 2013- 172 кВт (234 л.с.) при 6350 об / мин 285 Нм (210 lb⋅ft) при 4400 оборотах в минуту
S 3,2 л; 197,7 у.е. в (3239 куб. См) 83 мм (3,27 дюйма) 2014– 271 л.с. (202 кВт; 275 л.с.) при 6750 оборотах в минуту (Cherokee) 239 lb⋅ft (324 Нм) при 4400 оборотах в минуту
грамм 3,6 л; 219,9 у.е. в (3604 куб. См) 96 мм (3,78 дюйма) 83 мм (3,27 дюйма) 2010– 283 л.с. (211 кВт; 287 л.с.) при 6400 оборотах в минуту (Avenger, Grand Caravan, Journey, Town & Country, 200, Routan) 260 lb⋅ft (353 Нм) при 4800 оборотах в минуту
290 л.с. (216 кВт; 294 л.с.) при 6350 оборотах в минуту (Grand Cherokee, Durango)
292 л.с. (218 кВт; 296 л.с.) при 6350 оборотах в минуту (зарядное устройство, 300)
305 л.с. (227 кВт; 309 л.с.) при 6350 оборотах в минуту (Challenger) 268 lb⋅ft (363 Нм) при 4800 оборотах в минуту
2012– 285 л.с. (213 кВт; 289 л.с.) при 6400 оборотах в минуту (Wrangler) 260 lb⋅ft (353 Нм) при 4800 оборотах в минуту
2013- 300 л.с. (224 кВт; 304 л.с.) при 6350 оборотах в минуту (Charger Rallye Group, 300S) 264 lb⋅ft (358 Нм) при 4800 оборотах в минуту
305 л.с. (227 кВт; 309 л.с.) при 6400 оборотах в минуту (RAM 1500) 269 ​​lb⋅ft (365 Нм) при 4175 оборотах в минуту
2015– 2016 295 л.с. (220 кВт; 299 л.с.) при 6350 оборотах в минуту ( Chrysler 200 ) 262 lb⋅ft (355 Нм) при 4250 оборотах в минуту
2012- 280 л.с. (206 кВт) при 6350 оборотах в минуту (Fiat Freemont) 342 Нм (252 lb⋅ft) при 4350 оборотах в минуту
283 л.с. (208 кВт) при 6600 оборотах в минуту (Lancia Voyager) 344 Нм (254 lb⋅ft) при 4000 оборотах в минуту
286 л.с. (210 кВт) при 6350 оборотах в минуту (Lancia Thema) 340 Нм (251 lb⋅ft) при 4650 оборотах в минуту

3,6 л

  • 2011–2014 Chrysler 200 (модели: LX, Touring, Limited, S и C)
  • 2011–2016 Chrysler Town & Country (модели: LX, Touring, Touring «L», Limited, S, Limited Platinum)
  • 2011–2014 Dodge Avenger (модели: SE V6, SXT, R / T)
  • 2011 – настоящее время Dodge Challenger (модели: SE, SXT, SXT +, SXT Rallye Edition, GT)
  • 2011 – настоящее время Dodge Charger (модели: SE, SXT, SXT +, SXT Rallye Edition, GT)
  • Dodge Durango с 2011 г. по настоящее время (модели: Express, SXT, Crew, Crew Lux, Citadel, ACT Plus, Limited, GT)
  • 2011–2020 Dodge Grand Caravan (модели: SE American Value Package (AVP) или Canadian Value Package (CVP), SE, Crew, Crew Lux, SXT, R / T, SE Plus, SXT Plus, GT)
  • 2011–2019 Dodge Journey (модели: SE American Value Package (AVP) или Canadian Value Package (CVP), Mainstreet, Crew, Crew Lux, SXT, R / T Crossroad)
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee с 2011 г. по настоящее время (модели: Laredo «E», Laredo «X», юбилейное издание 70TH, Trailhawk, Altitude Edition, Limited, Overland, Overland Summit Edition)
  • 2011–2014 Volkswagen Routan (модели: S, SE, SEL, SEL Premium)
  • Chrysler 300 с 2011 г. по настоящее время (модели: 300 Base, 300 S V6, 300 C с V6, 300 C Glacier Series с V6, 300 C Luxury Series с V6)
  • 2012–2018 Jeep Wrangler JK (модели: Sport, Unlimited Sport, Sport «S», Unlimited Sport «S», Freedom Edition, Unlimited Freedom Edition, Altitude Edition, Unlimited Altitude Edition, 70th Anniversary Edition, Unlimited 70th Anniversary Edition, Sahara, Неограниченная Сахара, Моав, Неограниченный Моаб, Рубикон, Неограниченный Рубикон, 10-летие Рубикона, 10-летие Неограниченного Рубикона) Jeep Rubicon Recon 2017
  • 2011–2015 Ram Cargo Van (модели: C / V Base, C / V Tradesman)
  • 2012–2015 Lancia Voyager (модели: Limited)
  • 2012–2014 Lancia Thema
  • 2012–2015 Fiat Freemont
  • 2012 – настоящее время Ram 1500 (модели: Tradesman, SLT, HFE)
  • 2013 – настоящее время Ram ProMaster
  • 2014–2017 Chrysler 200 (295 л.с., 262 фунт-фут)
  • Chrysler Pacifica (RU) с 2016 г. по настоящее время (287 л.с., 262 фунт-фут) (Гибрид: 260 л.с. в сочетании, 230 фунт-фут)
  • 2020-настоящее время (287 л.с., 262 фунт-фут)